Learn. Network. Make Friends.

Perhaps, the best advertising for Pinay Powerhouse comes from our past attendees:


"Ever since I was a child, becoming a lawyer has been my dream. I have no attorneys in my close family relations, and very few friends who are also interested in law. So I've found myself feeling alone . . . . The support I received form PP2 gave me the self-confidence I needed to validate and affirm my ambitions. I no longer feel alone. I feel capable. It was overwhelmingly inspiring to witness the success of so many powerful, Pinay attorneys who HAVE achieved that which I only dream of achieving. . . . I have a community that will support and lift me up when I feel hesitant and intimidated. PP2 couldn’t have said it better: there NEEDS to be more women of color in the law profession."

"I’m so thankful that I attended as a 1L because I now know that there’s a group of strong Filipina women who’ve paved the way and are here for support and encouragement. These women have already done so much more than simply crack the glass ceiling. They’ve all given us the shards as proof that it is possible to become whoever we want however we want to do it. Aside from the many business cards and phone numbers that I’ve been so grateful to walk away with, my favorite souvenir is the image of our representation in law. From watching everyone dance on Friday night and then turn around and show up at 8 A.M. in their suits and pumps, painted an image very loud and clear to me, “We are not your stereotype.” They were their own lawyers. They were their own image and we have the power to embody that image however we desire."  

"Panel speaker, Gloria Ochoa also reminded us that we should not put limits on ourselves.  What I appreciated most about her was her expressing her robust work ethics and value for family, having balanced between working for the Senate Judiciary and various government and private counsel roles, while still making time to raise her children, even if it meant taking them to work with her and working between 11pm and 3am.  We also learned about new tax laws and policy initiatives behind sexual harassment from Millicent Sanchez, and we were educated with labor and employment laws and advocacy from Toni Jaramilla. We were informed about protections for domestic workers by speaker Adrianne De Castro. Hon. Lisa M. Chung and Rachel Juliana both emphasized the value behind getting involved and developing our leadership through bar associations like FBANC and PABA, and that we need to seize the moments when opportunity knocks, even with it’s not the most convenient timing, according to Hon. Lorna G. Schofield.  Such powerful words of advice and wisdom from those who have paved the paths before us, from just a few of the many influential lady leaders of the law who we heard speak and moderate the panels and breakout sessions."

"During the drive back up to the Bay Area, Jazzy, Joanna, and I extended our conversations and opinions about the panels and the conference. Our discussions were beautiful, dynamic, and uplifting. Overall, I had a blast and I loved every minute of Pinay Powerhouse 2. I will definitely strive to make Pinay Powerhouse a yearly ritual. It was a nice reminder that my voice matters; that I am powerful, despite the hurdles I am currently going through in my life.... It was truly a blessing and an honor to be surrounded by fellow pinay revolutionaries, to reunite with familiar faces, and to form new sisterhoods in law."